Q : Why is the strida so special?+ Open
Q : How much does the strida cost?+ Open
Q : Is the strida available in different sizes?+ Open
Q : Where can i get a strida?+ Open
Q : Can i take the strida on subway, tube, bus, or train?+ Open
Q : Will strida fit in my car trunk (boot)?+ Open
Q : Where is the strida made?+ Open
Q : What do you mean by zero maintenance?+ Open
Q : What is it like to ride a strida?+ Open
Q : How do i fold the strida?+ Open
Q : Where can i use the strida?+ Open
Q : would not a single speed make me feel like a snail,especially on hills?+ Open
Q : It looks unusual, how strong is the frame?+ Open
Q : What happens if i get a flat?+ Open
Q : How long will the kevlar belt last?+ Open
Q : What is covered under the warranty plan?+ Open
Q : Will grease get all over everything?+ Open
Q : The strida looks unusual. how do i maintain the strida?+ Open
Q : Can i check the strida in for free on commercial airlines?+ Open
Q : How fast can i get a strida?+ Open
Q : Is the strida rust-proof?+ Open
Q : What are the shipping rates?+ Open
Q : Can the single speed models be upgraded to EVO 3 speeds?+ Open
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